10 Festive Uses for Glass Bottles and Jars

10 Festive Uses for Glass Bottles and Jars

Jars of jam and bottles of booze can help you through the holidays even after the food and drinks are gone.

Those emptied glass containers can be repurposed into decor that will spruce up, illuminate and scent your home — or perhaps that of a party host or other gift recipient.

The options are many and the costs are few, as the following 10 project tutorials illustrate.

1. Snow ‘globe’

Photo: Bitz & Giggles / bitzngiggles.comPhoto: Bitz & Giggles / bitzngiggles.com

This illuminated snow scene started with a miniature penguin and pine picked up for less than $1 at a Wal-Mart, but you can build one around your objects of choice. (Here‘s a nonilluminated one made with a miniature antique car and tree, for example.)

Bitz & Giggles recommends the illumination, which requires little more than a battery-operated tea light candle:

The little light casts just the right amount of glow to light up the scene inside the jar. You have to make one of these this year. It is so simple and so much fun.

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