15 Ways for College Students to Save Money

College is an exciting time, but it can be so very costly if you're not careful. Students can keep spending in check by following these tips.

1. Shop online for textbooks

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Textbooks are expensive, but there are ways to trim costs by shopping online.

“They can often save money on books by buying used or renting books online,” says Anthony LaBrake, a certified financial planner and associate adviser at Adam Financial Associates in Boca Ration, Florida.

Chegg.com is a popular website that allows students to buy or sell used books as well as rent textbooks for the semester. Many textbooks also offer electronic editions for a discount to the hard copy, but many students will find they prefer having a physical version of the book.”

Another website to check out is Slugbooks.com.

“Slugbooks.com is a great website for comparing textbook prices across different vendors,” says Courtney Nagle, digital and social media specialist for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

For more ideas on this topic, check out: “11 Ways to Save Big on College Textbooks.”


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