Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: how to fight against getting into fights, how to have some local fun and spend less doing it, why the only good home security system is one that barks, seven questions you're not asking yourself that you should, and eight financial tips for freshmen.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. How to Turn an Argument Into a Productive Discussion

[Lifehacker] “Say you’re frustrated with your partner for not doing the dishes. You now have two problems to solve: The dishes need to be done and you need to no longer be upset with your partner for not doing them.”

That’s the approach this post takes to dealing with fights with your significant other. The advice? First, dispel the anger you’re feeling (maybe by taking a walk). Then after calming down, deal with the problem at hand. When you are dealing with the cause of the argument, the key is to arrive at a solution together, rather than approaching it as one party being right and the other wrong.

Final step? Once the conflict is resolved, reward yourselves.

If you find yourself fighting, check out this post. It can’t hurt.

2. Discount Tickets for Shows, Concerts, Sports Nationwide

[Living on the Cheap] Ever find yourself wishing you’d go out more and spend less? This is the article for you.

This post describes Goldstar, a discount ticket site that offers everything from the symphony to football. For example, after joining (it’s free) I took a look to see what was happening in my area (Miami). I found Dolphins preseason tickets for $12.50, an off-Broadway play for $10, and tickets to the Miami World Music Festival for $17.

Check out the post for more details and examples of deals nationwide.

3. 14 Reasons Why Monitored Home Security Systems Are For Suckers

[Len Penzo dot Com]

If you have a home security system, you’ll want to read this. If you’re in the market for one, it’s a must.

Len (a regular contributor here) points out the expense of installation and monitoring, along with the high rate of false alarms and potential annoyance, and concludes this solution to home security is much less effective than a good watch dog.

While you’d think 14 drawbacks must cover all the negatives, he actually left one out: Many people who have one, or so I’ve read, forget to arm them when leaving home.

4. 7 Questions You Are Too Scared to Ask

[Marc and Angel Hack Life] “It’s not about finding the right answers; it’s about asking the right questions.” That’s how this post from author Marc Chernoff begins.

So what are the right questions? The first one is: “Based on my daily routines and actions, where can I expect to be in five years?”

Gulp. That alone is a potential eye-opener. So is the second question: “Are the people around me helping me or hurting me?”

If you’re not too chicken, check out the rest. I’m a sucker for posts that can make me more successful, and this one fit the bill.

5. 8 Financial To-Do’s for College Freshmen

[Wise Bread] Assuming responsibility for yourself, understanding credit cards, figuring out your means and living within them: This post is full of good advice. Read it yourself, then forward it to someone on campus who might be able to use a little direction.

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