Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: why you shouldn't get married if you're in debt, five ways to stop wasting time surfing the Web, seven reasons to not always be frugal, how to take control of your career in 30 minutes, and seven steps to make sure you're buying the right house.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 7 Steps to Make Sure It’s the Right House to Buy

[Save Outside the Box] We’ve done countless stories on homebuying, but there’s always something new to learn.

From making multiple visits to putting together a list of pros and cons, this article has some good advice for both the experienced and inexperienced buyer. If you’re in the market for a new home, check it out.

2. Feeling Stuck? You Only Need 30 Minutes to Take Control of Your Career

[The Empowered Dollar] The title of this post is a bit inaccurate. It says all you need is 30 minutes, but what it means is that you need to spend 30 minutes per day to take control of your career.

What will you spend that 30 minutes doing? In the case of this author, “I made a personal commitment to invest 30 minutes daily to a project I cared about. No excuses.” The project she cared about was blogging about money, and she spent a half-hour daily doing it.

You may not have your heart set on blogging, but setting aside time daily to uncover and pursue what you want from your life and career is a smart move.

3. 7 Reasons to Not Always Live Frugal

[Three Thrifty Guys] This title makes me a bit squeamish: Shouldn’t it be “Frugally”? In any case, if you’re looking for an excuse not to continually pinch pennies, this is the post for you.

Some of the reasons you should stop depriving and start indulging? To motivate yourself with rewards, to take care of your family, to recharge your batteries and to have a little fun. Feeling squeezed by all that holiday budgeting? Check this one out.

4. 5 Ways to Stop Wasting Time Surfing the Web

[Time Management Ninja] “It starts innocently enough, when you need to look up just one thing. Before you know it, you are 37 sites deep, and 45 minutes have been wasted on what was supposed to be a 30-second exercise.”

I feel like this author has a hidden camera in my office. That’s exactly what I’m continually doing. In fact, I spend hours weekly on the Web searching and reading articles for this roundup.

Solutions? Unplug, resist the temptation, set a timer, delegate, and save articles for later. See the post for details, but don’t use it as a launching pad to start surfing.

5. Say No! 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Married if You’re in Debt

[Wise Bread] While I’d never tell two lovers to avoid marriage until they’re debt-free, this article does make some good points.

Debt can create stress in a relationship, be indicative of more serious issues, make life more difficult if babies come along, and create other problems in a marriage. If marriage is on the horizon for you, this post may not cause you to cancel your plans, but will offer a little food for thought.

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