Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

A look at five interesting personal finance posts from other bloggers around the Web. This week: how to spot a shoplifter, what to consider when making a will, where to take your toddler on a date, how to make people like you, and when you shouldn't try to build an emergency fund.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. Is Building an Emergency Fund Always a Good Idea?

[Wise Bread] Author Kentin Waits asks what amounts to a trick question with this post. His point is building an emergency fund isn’t such a great plan if you have other more pressing needs, like high-interest debt, a retirement fund, etc. Good point, Kentin. Check out the post for other things that take priority over a savings account.

2. How to Make People Like You

[Mystic Madness] We ran a similar article a few months ago, but the advice is worth repeating, especially because it’s not rocket science. If you want people to like you: Smile, be optimistic, be helpful – you get the picture. But there are also techniques that might surprise you. For example, if you cross your arms while talking to someone and they don’t subconsciously mimic the gesture, they may be bored. Stop talking.

3. 6 Things to Think About When Making Your Will

[Senior Money Memos] Another topic we occasionally cover, but this post offers some good advice. Things to consider include where to keep your will, who should be named in it, taxes, changing it after major life events – check out the post for more.

4. Top 5 Inexpensive Ideas for a Parent-Toddler Date

[Parenting Squad] Call me a toddler because I’d go on any of these dates: ice cream, exploring nature, coffee shop, people watching, or bookstores. Check out the post, however, for reasons why these are good destinations, as well as bonus ideas and ways to make it even less expensive.

5. How to Spot a Shoplifter

[All Financial Matters] What does this post have to do with personal finance? Not a darn thing. I just thought it was interesting. You will too if you habitually go to the mall looking nervous, carrying big shopping bags, wearing roomy clothes, and otherwise acting suspiciously.

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