Take 5 — A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

Take 5 — A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. “11 Indestructible Products Totally Worth the Price”

[MSN.com] “Shopping can feel like a treadmill that no one can climb off. Didn’t we just buy a pallet of paper towels at the warehouse store last week? How does one cocker spaniel eat enough for an entire pack of wolves? Why is there never any coffee when we bought enough to start our own Starbucks?”

Astute readers will recognize this MSN story as one that actually originated right here at MoneyTalksNews, not from another site “around the web.” We’re highlighting it in case you didn’t know that in addition to seeing our stuff here, you can also read and watch some of our most popular stories on some of the world’s most popular websites.

So what are the indestructible products referred to in this article? The list includes items from bike locks to luggage and from companies including North Face, KitchenAid, JanSport and more. Check it out and see if you have anything on the list.

2. “Financial Issues Baby Boomer Women Nearing Retirement Face”

[The Dollar Stretcher] “When the first baby boomer women were born in 1946, it was a different world. Although Rosie the Riveter was a mainstay in WW2, many professions and jobs were basically off-limits to them. These baby boomer women have witnessed many changes, and now as they face retirement, they’re discovering still more firsts, many of them involving financial decisions that will affect their retirement years.”

This article features an interview with an attorney/financial planner. It offers some differences men and women face as they enter their retirement years and how women can financially plan for them. For example, since women tend to live longer, they’re more likely to lose an income by being widowed. They’re also more likely to face long-term care expenses than men. Interesting read for boomer women.

3. “Is It Worth It to Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort?”

[AOL] “If you’re under a considerable amount of stress from work or life in general and don’t feel like mapping out every aspect of your summer travel plans, then staying at an all-inclusive resort might be a viable option. They’re not as perfect as the advertisements try to portray, but they can help you save time and money on your next vacation.”

We did a story last year called “8 Things That Will Run Up the Bill on Your ‘All-Inclusive’ Vacation,” which highlighted some of the same concerns this article suggests when it comes to all-inclusive resorts. For example, if the food is all-you-can-eat, it might not be as gourmet as you’d prefer. And although prices may reflect everything, that all-in price may be higher than a la carte prices at similar resorts.

4. “Shhh: I’m Giving You Money”

[Debt.com] “While older Americans are positive about leaving money behind after they die, they aren’t talking about it with their loved ones. Twenty-five percent say it’s because they ‘haven’t thought about it,’ while another 19 percent say they ‘don’t feel it’s appropriate,’ according to investment group Ameriprise Financial.”

This article is about how parents should discuss their estate plans with their offspring sooner rather than later. It’s easy to understand why they don’t, however, especially if they have substantial assets. After all, who wants to let the kids know they’re going to be better off when you’re dead?

5. “Could You Put Away a Million Dollars by Driving a Used Car?”

[Wise Bread] “As soon as you drive it off the lot, it is worth thousands less than what you paid. In about four years, a new car will typically be worth half its original value.”

This is a drum I’ve been beating for 26 years: Buying new cars makes little sense. I’ve never owned a new car and probably never will (although, to come totally clean, my wife did buy a car new a couple of years ago). If you’re a new car buyer, read this article and see if it changes your mind.

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