Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: Truisms about retirement that are no longer true, what if you've hidden debt from your partner, how to handle income disparity in marriage,10 awesome sayings about savings and more.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 5 Retirement Assumptions You Can’t Make Anymore

[Credit.com] “Here are a few assumptions many Americans used to be able to make about retirement, and why they can’t rely on them anymore.

Assumptions no longer reliable: You’ll be married in retirement, your savings need last only 30 years, a 4 percent withdrawal rate will prevent running out of money, your home is a good retirement asset, and your spending will drop in retirement.

Sound scary? Read the article for details.

2. What Do You Do When Your Mate Doesn’t Know About Your Debt?

[The Dollar Stretcher] “I’m in real trouble. A few years ago, I got a credit card my husband didn’t know about. I managed to run up a balance of over $8,000 without telling him. At first, it was only a few dollars and I planned to pay it off. So, I didn’t say anything. But it kept growing. Now I’m afraid that telling him could ruin our marriage. What should I do?.”

What advice would you offer a friend who came to you with a similar problem? The author of this post, Gary Freeman, offers some good advice. Guess what he might say, then check out the post and see if you’re right.

3. Income Disparity in a Relationship: What to Do When One of You Makes More Money

[The Penny Hoarder] “It’s safe to say that talking about your finances — early and often — with your significant other is a great way to avoid fights about money later on in life. But what if talking about money is a fight?”

It never occurred to me that one spouse making more than the other would be a cause for friction, if for no other reason than it’s probably pretty common. But after reading this article, I can understand how it might be a problem for some. It offers an interesting approach to relationship problem-solving of all kinds. Check it out.

4. 3 Ways Military Members Can Protect Their Identity

[Debt.com] “Military identity theft is especially challenging because service members aren’t able to monitor their credit as closely as civilians. Here’s how they can protect their credit while on active duty.”

The three things they can do is place an active duty alert on their credit files, review their credit report and think hard about any powers of attorney they grant. For more information and links, check out the article.

5. 10 of the Coolest Sayings About Saving

[Wise Bread] “If you’re having a tough time tightening the purse strings, taking a look at 10 of the coolest sayings about saving money can put things in perspective.”

After “a penny saved is a penny earned,” I’d exhausted my supply of sayings about savings. This post gave me some I’d never heard of, like, “Money looks better in the bank than on your feet” and “Get rich slow, or get poor fast.” Check out the article for more.

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