Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 3 Financial Worries That Didn’t Exist for Your Parents

[PT Money] “Being careful with money is looking more and more like a skill from a previous century. But the real issue isn’t loss of money skills. It’s the fact that the financial world has seriously changed in the past few years — and how it will continue to change. Millennials (and the generations that come after them) are dealing with new and difficult financial problems that never would have occurred to earlier generations.”

I was a bit skeptical when I saw this title. Could things really have changed that much? But after reading it, I have to admit there are roadblocks to financial security today that didn’t exist a generation ago. This author lists three: data mining, ease of purchasing things, and grey charges. To learn how these new traps can make life more difficult, check out the article.

(Still, doesn’t every generation face its own unique financial challenges?)

2. The Cure for Aging

[Raptitude] “Here’s a depressing reality that everyone eventually notices: Time goes faster as you age. The days and years seem to get behind you with increasing speed, and it’s easy to understand why. To a 1-year-old, a year is a lifetime, while to a 40-year-old it’s only one-fortieth of a lifetime.”

I’m approaching my 60th birthday, so you can understand why this headline caught my eye. But no matter your age, this article will put the spring back in your step. My favorite paragraph:

When I put the numbers aside, and look at my actual experience of aging, life has gotten consistently better, not worse. I am calmer, happier, more confident, wiser. I get more enjoyment out of ordinary moments, I experience fewer crises and less fear. I have just as many problems, but I dispatch them more quickly. I find it easier to do hard things as I get older.

Well said!

3. Decluttering Stuffed Animals

[Rethinking the Dream] “With kids items, I am very much against decluttering behind their backs. I feel like doing that could lead to an overcompensation (buying and keeping stuff) when they are on their own someday. I much prefer to include them in the process.”

Over the years, we’ve published thousands of stories on hundreds of topics, but I’m pretty sure we missed this one.

If you have kids, this one is a must-read. Complete with video, it describes how to involve your children in the process of clearing the plush clutter or, put another way, allowing some of your kid’s best friends to go and live with another child who might be lonely and really appreciate the company.

4. Downsizing Your Home Actually Has Some Major Cons

[Save Outside the Box] “I posed this question a few months ago: Should our growing family be downsizing? In that article I listed a lot of the good things that downsizing your home can provide. It’s true, there is often some money-saving goodness to be had in downsizing. But, there are also a lot of negatives.”

Downsizing obviously means less space, but it also means less expense with everything from utilities to property taxes. So, what cons could there be? As far as this author is concerned, they include losing storage space, the hassle of moving and the transaction costs of selling an existing home. See the post for more.

5. How to Look Rich on Social Media

[Wise Bread] “While I stand by my tips in this post, this is, of course, mostly tongue-in-cheek. I don’t recommend being anybody but your own true self, but if it’s important to you to look rich on social media, who am I to judge? Instead of looking rich, though, your time is much better spent trying to actually get rich, which can absolutely happen if you spend more time working and less time trying to be something you’re not.”

Are you shallow as a puddle? If so, this post is for you. Included you’ll find tips like taking and posting pictures of yourself at fancy parties, restaurants and social events, posting photos of haute cuisine and designer duds, and tweeting celebs. I’m sure you get the picture, although in my opinion, if that’s the kind you’re taking, they’re not saying very good things about you.

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