This Bank Has Raised the Interest On Its Savings Account — Again

Take this news as a reminder of how much more you can earn by shopping around.

This Bank Has Raised the Interest On Its Savings Account — Again Photo by Melpomene /

Discover Bank once again has increased the interest rate for its online savings account. This increase caught our attention because it means Discover Bank now pays more interest than most other banks today — as much as 1.2 percent annual percentage yield.

Sound good? Click here to learn more or open an account.

The increase also serves as a reminder of the importance of periodically surveying interest rates to see if it’s worthwhile to switch banks — especially now that the Federal Reserve System’s benchmark federal funds rate is on the rise.

As we explained when the Federal Reserve raised its rate earlier this year:

“When the Fed increases the federal funds rate, the interest rates on savings accounts and CDs are likely to move higher as well. That means you stand to make more money on your savings.”

This cause and effect plays out gradually, though. So don’t expect to see a bunch of banks make steep increases in their interest rates overnight the next time the Fed raises its federal funds rate.

Still, the importance of periodically comparing rates stands. After all, compound interest is one of your greatest allies in building wealth.

Discover Bank raises APY

Discover Bank is an online bank. It’s part of Discover Financial Services, the company that issues the Discover credit card, among other banking and payment products and services.

On June 9, Discover Bank increased the annual percentage yield, or APY, on its online savings account from to 1.01 percent to 1.1 percent, a spokesperson confirmed to Money Talks News. This latest move raises the APY higher, to 1.2 percent.

As we explain in “Money Lingo You Need to Know for Financial Survival,” APY is the yearly amount you earn on savings, including compounded interest. You should compare APYs when shopping for savings accounts, among other financial products.

Other perks of Discover Bank’s online savings account include a no-minimum-required opening deposit and no monthly maintenance fees. Check out the website for more details or to open an account.

Switching to an online bank

It’s no coincidence that looking for an online bank is tip No. 1 in “11 Ways to Find a Bank With More Bang for Your Buck” and tip No. 2 in “14 Ways to Avoid Paying Irritating Bank Fees.” As the latter story explains:

“… because online banks have lower overhead, they can afford to charge you less.”

I moved my household’s savings account from a brick-and-mortar bank to an online-only bank last year and would recommend it. We easily get what little customer support we need by phone, our savings earn a relatively high yield, and we’ve yet to be charged a single fee.

If you’re considering switching banks, check out our step-by-step guide — “5 Simple Steps to Painlessly Switch Banks.”

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