12 of the Worst Gifts You Can Give This Year

Consumer Reports asked people which gift they would least like to receive. And the winner — or more accurately, loser — was the same as last year.

12 of the Worst Gifts You Can Give This Year Photo (cc) by jimmiehomeschoolmom

Step away from the booze this holiday season, gift shoppers.

Just as in 2014, Consumer Reports has identified hard liquor as the worst gift you can give.

In the nonprofit organization’s latest holiday poll, 20 percent of respondents said they would least want to receive hard liquor as a gift.

For the poll, more than 1,300 American adults with a median age of 45 were asked to rank gifts from a list of what Consumer Reports describes as “fairly common presents.” About half of the participants were women and half were men.

Consumer Reports found that 80 percent of people preferred to receive a practical gift this year over a fancy, luxury item. When it comes to gift cards compared with money, 57 percent preferred to receive cash.

The gifts considered worst by the largest percentage of survey respondents are:

  • Hard liquor (e.g., rum, vodka, whiskey) — 20 percent
  • Flowers — 16 percent
  • Anything that is clearly re-gifted — 12 percent
  • Home décor items (e.g., picture frames, candles) — 11 percent
  • Lottery tickets — 10 percent
  • Gift cards or gift certificates — 5 percent
  • Wine — 4 percent
  • Books — 4 percent
  • Food — 4 percent
  • Kitchen items — 4 percent
  • Socks — 4 percent
  • Clothes — 4 percent

If you find yourself on the receiving end of such a gift this year, remember that there’s an easy, free way to turn unwanted gifts into cash.

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