Children playing with toys
The 15 States Where Spending on Child Care Is Highest

on November 28, 2022

Over the past two decades, child care costs have risen much faster than overall prices.

Product manager
15 Affordable Cities With the Most 6-Figure Jobs

on November 21, 2022

These places have a low cost of living and high median income.

Woman shopping with empty store shelves behind her
Top 15 States With the Most Supply Chain Disruptions

on October 14, 2022

Fields such as retail and construction have been experiencing the worst supply chain disruptions.

Children at daycare
15 Cities With a Lack of Child Care Workers

on October 13, 2022

During pandemic shutdowns, the shortage of child care workers forced many stressed parents to take unplanned leave, to juggle child care and work, or to leave the workforce entirely.

Small bags of money
15 States That Collect the Most Individual Income Tax

on October 3, 2022

These state governments dig deepest into residents’ pockets to balance their state budgets.

Couple counting money saved moving to a new place
Top 15 Cities With the Largest Millennial Renter Wage Gap

on September 28, 2022

Cities in California and Florida are especially expensive for millennial renters.

Three people in a meeting
Top 15 Jobs with the Most Growth

on August 26, 2022

While health care workers and teachers have been in high demand for the last few years, other fields have dominated in growth over the last decade.

remote worker home office
The 15 Most In-Demand Jobs in the U.S.

on August 10, 2022

Whether you’re choosing a college major or changing your career path, there are plenty of fields with growing demand.

Men and women in a business meeting
The 15 Best Cities to Move to for Diversity

on August 5, 2022

Federal data shows these places have the widest range of ethnicities, birthplaces, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Businessman studying technology jobs
15 States With the Fastest-Growing Economies

on June 15, 2022

Population, employment, income, and the number of new businesses are all headed in the right direction here, according to federal data.

New employee first day on the job
15 Cities With the Most Employment Growth

on June 9, 2022

If you want to go where the jobs are, try these cities.

nervous man in a job interview
15 Cities With the Highest Unemployment Rates in 2021

on April 15, 2022

Federal data shows these places had the highest average annual unemployment rates last year.

Senior couple hiking outdoors
15 States With the Biggest Drop in Travel Spending During the Pandemic

on April 12, 2022

People in these states have cut back the most on air travel and hotel stays since the arrival of COVID-19.

Military family
15 Cities With the Most Military Families

on March 28, 2022

Federal data shows these places are home to the most families that have someone currently serving in the military.

Man giving the stop gesture with one hand and holding cash with the other
15 States With the Biggest Drop in Consumer Spending During COVID-19

on March 10, 2022

People in these places tended to trim their expenses the most during the pandemic, according to federal data.

Atlanta, Georgia
15 Cities With the Biggest Improvement in Air Quality During COVID-19

on March 2, 2022

Federal data shows the pandemic did at least one nice thing in these places.

Man upset by high prices
15 U.S. Cities Where the Cost of Living Rose Fastest Over the Past Decade

on February 1, 2022

Residents in these cities may be feeling some sticker shock thanks to inflation.

Man upset by high prices
15 States Where Residents Are Spending the Most on Groceries

on January 27, 2022

Federal data shows people in these states are having their food budgets stretched the most by rising inflation.

Happy couple looking at homeowners insurance savings
15 Cities With the Most Young Homeowners

on January 19, 2022

These are the places with the largest share of homes owned by people under age 35.

Los Angeles smoky skyline
15 Expensive U.S. Cities With the Worst Air Quality

on January 6, 2022

These places suffer from the worst median daily air quality among American metros.

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