Real estate agent
15 Cities With the Most Female Real Estate Agents

on June 16, 2022

Women make up the majority of real estate agents, and they are especially prevalent in these cities.

Worker wearing a hard hat
15 Occupations Expected to See the Most Growth in the U.S.

on May 27, 2022

Job opportunities should be good in the coming years for workers in these fields.

Manufacturing workers
15 Cities Where Manufacturing Is Thriving

on May 19, 2022

If the strength of the nation’s manufacturing sector is important to you, states like California and Texas could be the place for you to be.

Female civil engineer
The 15 Best-Paying U.S. Cities for Civil Engineers

on May 10, 2022

The massive infrastructure bill passed last year could mean more jobs for civil engineers across the country.

Happy couple excited about their kitchen remodel and home improvement projects
15 Cities Where Homebuyers Get the Best Interest Rates

on April 13, 2022

As mortgage interest rates creep up, federal data shows these places are still in the best shape.

Senior woman homeowner
Where Are Seniors Buying Homes?

on April 11, 2022

Federal data shows these are the places where the most seniors are buying homes.

Millennial couple walking through their new neighborhood as homeowners
Where Are Millennials Buying Homes?

on April 4, 2022

These metropolitan areas have the highest millennial homeownership rates.

15 Cities With the Biggest Increase in Home Improvement Loans Since COVID-19
15 Cities With the Biggest Increase in Home Improvement Loans Since COVID-19

on March 29, 2022

Homeowners, especially in these places, have taken the opportunity to make some upgrades during the pandemic.

Upset man filling his gas tank
15 U.S. States With the Most Oil Reserves

on March 28, 2022

These states have most stockpiled crude oil, according to federal data.

Woman with a lot of credit card debt
15 Cities With the Highest Debt-to-Income Ratios in 2022

on March 25, 2022

People in these places are in over their heads financially, and it’s affecting their ability to buy homes.

10 Cities With the Worst Littering Problem
10 Cities With the Worst Littering Problem

on March 16, 2022

These metro areas struggle the most with trash and dumping along their roads.

wind turbine technicians
15 Cities With the Most Outdoor Jobs in 2022

on February 16, 2022

Labor statistics show these areas have the most jobs that involve working outside, as well as which outdoor jobs are most common.

Female civil engineer
Construction Sectors With the Biggest Increase in Spending Since COVID-19

on February 4, 2022

These areas of construction have seen the most growth in spite of the pandemic, according to federal data.

Baltimore, Maryland
15 U.S. Cities With the Most High-Density Housing

on January 20, 2022

These large cities have the biggest share of multifamily housing.

House for Rent
15 American Cities Where Renters Never Move

on January 12, 2022

Where do renters stay put the longest? According to census data, these are the most popular places.

Older couple in front of a house
U.S. Cities With the Most Single-Family Homes

on December 29, 2021

Single family homes are the norm in most of the country, but they are an especially high percentage of properties in these cities.

10 U.S. Cities With the Worst Pest Problems
10 U.S. Cities With the Worst Pest Problems

on December 3, 2021

These places unfortunately have more cockroaches and rodents than other places in the U.S.

15 U.S. Cities With the Highest Loan Approval Rates

on October 4, 2021

Homebuyers in these cities are most likely to get good news from mortgage lenders.

Retired couple in front of their home
15 U.S. Cities With the Highest Income Limits for Affordable Housing

on August 30, 2021

In some areas, housing costs are so high that the federal government definition of “low income” for a family of four is over six figures.

Poor businessman
15 U.S. Cities With the Largest Renter Wage Gaps

on August 16, 2021

People need high-paying jobs in order to pay the rent in these cities.

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