Woman holding money
4 Ways Americans Are Getting Smarter About Their Money

on March 15, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired some healthy changes in how we think about our finances.

Woman with cut-up credit card
How to Wipe Out Debt for Good

on March 15, 2022

Get ready to say goodbye to your debt, and use these tips to break free from your burden.

young couple money mistakes
6 Things That Kill Your Net Worth

on March 14, 2022

These dreadful errors are easy to make and hard — or sometimes impossible — to fix.

Happy retirees
9 Tips for Estimating Retirement Expenses

on March 9, 2022

Use these tips to create a realistic spending plan before you retire.

couple saving coins
9 of the Best Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

on March 7, 2022

Saving may feel impossible, but you can almost always squeeze a few dollars out of even the tightest of budgets.

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage? Ask These 5 Questions
Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage? Ask These 5 Questions

on February 28, 2022

Even if you have the money to pay off your mortgage early, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Worried man in retirement
The 7 Top Retirement Worries of Americans in 2022

on February 14, 2022

Many of our greatest retirement anxieties swirl around finances. Americans say these worries top the list.

Young businessman making big plans
28 Keys to Building Wealth — Even in Your 50s

on February 14, 2022

It’s never too late to start — but the sooner, the better.

Couple relaxing at home
6 Money Moves That Couples Should Make in 2022

on February 11, 2022

Here’s what you and your partner should do to improve finances — together.

Retired woman on the beach with her dog
The 7 Top Retirement Priorities of Americans in 2022

on February 10, 2022

American adults say they plan to tackle these tasks.

Happy woman quitting her job
How to Protect Your Retirement Savings After Quitting Your Job

on February 7, 2022

Think about these things before you quit so you can keep your retirement plans on track.

Rich retiree
10 Guaranteed Ways to Retire Rich

on February 4, 2022

A little planning and a lot of self-discipline can put you on the path to wealth, even if your income is modest.

A skeptical worker raises an eyebrow while lowering his glasses
5 Ways Getting a Raise Could Be Bad For Your Finances

on February 2, 2022

More money is good if you do the right things with it. Otherwise, you may have regrets.

Woman with a side hustle
15 of the Best Money Moves You Can Make in 2022

on January 28, 2022

Everything seems unpredictable these days. Take control with these savvy financial decisions.

Happy woman sitting on a beach
Americans Name Their Top 8 Financial Goals for 2022

on January 28, 2022

Americans are using the new year to achieve these financial goals.

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early and Save Thousands
How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early and Save Thousands

on January 27, 2022

What would you give to be out of debt faster? These strategies could make it happen.

6 Credit Card Costs You Should Never Pay
6 Credit Card Costs You Should Never Pay

on January 24, 2022

All of these credit card costs are avoidable.

Mature couple using credit card
10 Moves That Will Make Your Credit Score Soar in 2022

on January 19, 2022

Give your credit a makeover this year by following taking these simple steps.

Excited young woman
Set Financial Goals: It’s the Secret to a Prosperous and Secure Future

on January 14, 2022

Here are several examples of goals that will help you find the satisfying future you seek.

5 Money-Saving Challenges to Stash More Cash in 2022
5 Money-Saving Challenges to Stash More Cash in 2022

on January 10, 2022

Want to save more money this year? You’ve got plenty of options.

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