10 Ways to Score a Free Sweet Treat

10 Ways to Score a Free Sweet Treat

If you’ve got a sweet tooth — and an email address — a little bit of sugary heaven is right around the corner. And it’s all free.

Last month, we told you about 11 restaurants that offer free food items. But today, we’re going to get a little more decadent.

Following are 10 restaurants or confectioners that will give you a free sweet treat simply for pledging your customer loyalty.

In some cases, you may have to earn your treat gradually over time. In other cases, you earn your boon the instant you provide an email address.

Sign up for any — or all — of the following so you’ll be ready the next time you get a craving that only ice cream, chocolate or another treat will satisfy.

1. Baskin Robbins


Who can resist complimentary ice cream — especially when there are 31 palate-pleasing flavors to choose from? Sign up for Baskin Robbins’ Birthday Club to enjoy “special discounts, personalized offers and tons of sprinkles — all year long,” according to the website.

A birthday club that offers rewards on ordinary days too — talk about a sweet deal! Register here.

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