Woman sitting on car with tailgate up
26 Things Everyone Should Keep in Their Car

on April 15, 2022

These tools and conveniences help protect drivers from hassles and calamities on the road.

Happy retired couple
17 of the Best Things to Do When You Retire

on April 15, 2022

You’ve waited all your life for this moment. Make the most of your retirement.

Rich woman holding money
How I Slashed $25,000 in Credit Card Debt to Zero

on April 15, 2022

Here’s how one woman destroyed all that debt in just two years.

senior making a decision
What Income Reduces Your Social Security Benefits?

on April 15, 2022

Here’s a look at what types of income affect your Social Security benefits in certain circumstances, and by how much.

Homebuyers talk to agent
What Is a Bridge Loan and How Does It Work?

on April 14, 2022

If you need to move from one house to another quickly, this might be an option to consider.

Woman cooking with air fryer
15 Surprising Things You Can Make in an Air Fryer

on April 14, 2022

Air fryers are the appliance of the moment, and they can make everything from doughnuts to hard-boiled eggs.

Man looking at inflation
15 Products and Services Most Impacted by Inflation

on April 14, 2022

The latest federal data shows these products have been the worst affected by inflation over the past year.

Woman jogging
The 15 Most Physically Active Cities in the U.S.

on April 14, 2022

Federal data shows these places have the most people who spend time walking, running or doing other physical activity for leisure.

Upset woman looking at her phone
8 Easy Ways You Can Stop Robocalls

and on April 14, 2022

There are more ways than ever to silence unwanted calls.

Young couple cleaning
Deep Clean Your House With These 13 Products Under $30

on April 13, 2022

Hate to clean the house? So do we. That’s why we love these products that make cleaning feel like less of a chore.

Happy couple excited about their kitchen remodel and home improvement projects
15 Cities Where Homebuyers Get the Best Interest Rates

on April 13, 2022

As mortgage interest rates creep up, federal data shows these places are still in the best shape.

Breakfast foods
16 Best Cities for Brunch Lovers

on April 13, 2022

These places sure love a late breakfast, as evidenced by the number of restaurants per square mile offering brunch and local internet searches for it.

new homeowner receives house key
15 Cities With the Highest Rents

on April 13, 2022

Federal data shows these places have the highest median monthly costs for renters.

Apple cider vinegar next to a stack of apples
10 Apple Cider Vinegar Uses for Around the House

on April 12, 2022

You can do more than cook with apple cider vinegar. Here are some of the ways to use this cleaning marvel.

Woman shopping for cheese at a grocery store
15 Groceries That Can Keep for Years

on April 11, 2022

These are some of the longest-lasting foods you can buy.

Woman eating salad
7 Lifestyle Changes That May Help Prevent Dementia

on April 11, 2022

Science says these practices can lower the risk of cognitive decline as we age.

Man sleeping soundly
The Best Type of Exercise for Sleep Isn’t What You Think

on April 11, 2022

Adults who did this slept 40 minutes longer, on average.

Senior woman homeowner
Where Are Seniors Buying Homes?

on April 11, 2022

Federal data shows these are the places where the most seniors are buying homes.

Parents and child saving money together
9 Tax Breaks Available for Parents

on April 8, 2022

The occasions where parenthood saves you money are few and far between, so make sure to take advantage of these tax breaks if you can.

happy couple painting walls in home
30 Easy and Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

on April 8, 2022

Ready for a refresh? Use these ideas to update your home without spending a bundle.

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