Man sleeping
6 Things You Should Never Do Before Bed

on May 23, 2022

If you want a good night’s sleep, avoid these habits and activities before going to bed.

woman at laptop
7 Perks of Having a Social Security Account Online

on May 18, 2022

There’s no point in delaying this simple process, and there are many great reasons to do it right now.

Woman looking a little perplexed.
What Exactly Does a Fiduciary Do?

on May 18, 2022

Finding financial advice you can trust is important. Here’s how to tell what’s reliable and what’s not.

Delivery driver.
15 Cities With the Most Delivery Drivers

on May 18, 2022

Many people used delivery services before, but the COVID-19 pandemic made these drivers indispensable.

Woman Question
Consumption Smoothing: What It Is and Why It Matters for Your Happiness

on May 17, 2022

If you can master the skill of consumption smoothing, you have a bright financial future.

Senior couple at a computer
7 Social Security Spousal Benefit Rules Every Married Couple Should Know

on May 17, 2022

Social Security rules can be confusing. Here’s how to get what’s yours.

Happy senior woman
Retire After 65 and Other Secrets to a Long, Happy Life

on May 17, 2022

Research shows there are many benefits to work beyond a paycheck.

Newark, New Jersey
15 Cities Where Homebuyers Make the Biggest Down Payments

on May 16, 2022

There is a deficit of homes, which means higher costs. In these areas, the competitive market has pushed buyers to put more money down.

Woman using her oven
Eating This Food Every Week May Help Ward off Dementia

on May 12, 2022

A study finds that the right diet may lower your risk of cognitive decline and brain disease later in life.

The 15 Cleanest Big Cities in America
The 15 Cleanest Big Cities in America

on May 11, 2022

For big cities, these places aren’t as dirty or polluted as you might think.

Man in a mask holding stimulus money
Which U.S. Cities Needed Their Stimulus Checks the Most?

on May 11, 2022

Census data shows people in these places were most likely to use the money for regular living expenses, rather than for savings or to pay down debt.

Senior couple happy at home
The Top 6 Ways Retirees Plan to Spend Their Savings

on May 9, 2022

Retirees plan to use their savings in ways that may surprise you.

College costs depicted
15 States With the Most Expensive College Tuition

on May 9, 2022

Public universities in these states charge the highest tuition rates, according to federal data.

Man checking his Gmail account on his phone and laptop
Easy Ways to Free Up Space in Gmail and Save Money

on May 9, 2022

You can get rid of thousands of forgotten and useless messages in a few quick steps with these power tools.

Luxury Home
15 Cities With the Most Luxury Home Sales

on May 9, 2022

High-end home sales were rising even before the pandemic. Federal data shows these are the places where it’s happening the most now.

Senior woman playing on her tablet
How Baby Boomers Could Have Made an Extra $186K for Retirement

on May 6, 2022

An unusual study calculated the costs of an expensive habit for four generations.

16 Ways to Decorate With Things You Already Have
16 Ways to Decorate With Things You Already Have

on May 5, 2022

You can save cash and get creative by turning old items into home decor.

Stressed couple planning taxes and finances
15 Cities Where People Pay the Most in Taxes

on May 5, 2022

Based on total estimated taxes as a share of family income, these places are where people lose the most money to taxes.

Alan Hovhaness
15 Surprising Things You Can Clean in a Washing Machine

on May 4, 2022

A lot of household items get nasty. But don’t toss them out — try tossing them in your clothes washer instead.

happy multigenerational family
The 18 Best Places to Live in America, Big and Small

on May 3, 2022

The AARP Livability Index examines which communities shine in such areas as transportation, health and housing.

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