Happy senior couple with a piggy bank
Here’s How Big Social Security Checks Might Grow in 2023

on June 8, 2022

The boost in benefits is likely to be even larger than it was for 2022.

Upset car owner
This Color Can Ruin Your Car’s Resale Value

on June 7, 2022

Select the wrong color for your next car, and it could depreciate four times as fast as others.

Costco Dish Detergent Earns Top Marks From Consumer Reports
Costco Dish Detergent Earns Top Marks From Consumer Reports

on June 7, 2022

If you’re going to buy a dishwasher detergent from Costco, make sure it’s this one.

Senior woman
Oldest Americans Say This Is the No. 1 Surprise of Aging

on June 7, 2022

Many American seniors say these things did not unfold as they expected.

Woman worried about an audit letter
IRS Audits Rising for Those Making Over $50,000

on June 6, 2022

Here’s how much audit rates have increased for every income range.

Detroit, Michigan
Housing Boom? Prices Still Haven’t Recovered in 477 Cities

on June 6, 2022

Despite the exploding of home prices in recent years, homeowners in many markets remain underwater.

Woman looking at restaurant bill
More Restaurant Meals Now Come With a Side of Fees

on June 6, 2022

Here’s how eateries are passing on their rising costs to you.

Man drinking coffee
Which Helps You Live Longer: Sweetened or Unsweetened Coffee?

on June 6, 2022

A new study looks at whether a teaspoon of sugar makes coffee’s health benefits go down.

Senior man with his doctor
How Much Would Health Care Cost If You Retired Today?

on June 6, 2022

The average couple retiring this year can expect to spend a record amount on medical expenses, one analysis finds.

New Costco warehouse under construction
7 Ways Costco Is Changing in 2022

and on June 3, 2022

The Costco shopping experience is ever-changing — especially as we emerge from the pandemic.

Woman shocked by grocery costs
5 Ways Americans Are Fighting Off Rising Living Costs

on June 3, 2022

More than three-quarters of Americans are changing spending patterns to offset inflation’s impact.

1 in 4 People Have This Condition That Harms the Heart
1 in 4 People Have This Condition That Harms the Heart

on June 3, 2022

A simple medical test can reveal the presence of this illness.

Money with Stacy Johnson
5 Tips to Make Money Management Fun

on June 3, 2022

What if managing the family finances was something you looked forward to? Here are some tips to make it happen.

Early retirees
The 10 Best U.S. Cities for an Early Retirement

on June 3, 2022

From tax friendliness to livability, these are your best bets if you plan to leave work at a younger age.

Unhappy homeowner
3 States Where Home Insurance Rates Have Skyrocketed Amid Inflation

on June 3, 2022

In one place, costs rose by 34% over the past year.

Unhappy driver
2 Reasons Car Insurance Costs May Jump 20%

on June 2, 2022

Rates are jumping, with more than 60% of customers already paying higher premiums.

Stop sign
12 Hazardous Products That Were Recalled in May

on June 2, 2022

Did you catch these recent product recalls?

Woman with an insurance form and money
Why Your Health Insurer May Send a Big Check Soon

on June 2, 2022

More than 8 million people can expect to collect this fall.

10 Common Expenses That Have Skyrocketed for Retirees
10 Common Expenses That Have Skyrocketed for Retirees

on June 2, 2022

It’s shocking to see how the purchasing power of a Social Security check has shrunk.

Man using a digital calendar on his computer
5 Financial Dates and Deadlines in June 2022

on June 1, 2022

Mark your calendar now so you don’t risk a fine or miss an opportunity to save.

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