Smart clever brilliant thinking genius with a great idea
15 Key Financial Terms to Know to Plan a Successful Future

on February 19, 2024

Financial terminology shouldn’t feel like a foreign language.

man face palm
12 Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make

on February 19, 2024

Avoid these common pitfalls if you hope to get top dollar when selling your property.

Stressed man worried about car breakdown or auto repair under the hood
7 Car Maintenance Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

on February 17, 2024

Making these oversights can cost you a fortune over the life of your car.

Confused senior
Most Older Americans Don’t Know Squat About These 3 Retirement Topics

on February 16, 2024

Americans between the ages of 50 and 75 earned a big, fat “F” when quizzed on these topics, a survey finds.

Senior man at the doctor
10 States With the Worst Health Care for Retirees in 2024

on February 16, 2024

Some of these states offer a low cost of living, but that might not be enough for seniors in search of top medical services.

10 Countries We Import From the Most (China Isn’t No. 1 Anymore)
10 Countries We Import From the Most (China Isn’t No. 1 Anymore)

on February 16, 2024

Federal data reveals the biggest trade partners for the U.S. last year — and there’s been a major shake-up.

Woman looking at the back of antique china plate dishware
8 Commonly Inherited Items Worth Almost Nothing

on February 16, 2024

Although they may carry a lot of emotional value, these items have little market value.

Disgusted man in the bathroom
9 Nasty Mistakes You Make in the Bathroom

on February 16, 2024

How many of these gross bathroom habits do you engage in?

Senior woman in the hospital
10 States Offering Retirees the Best Health Care in 2024

on February 15, 2024

Health care becomes more important as we age, and these states are best suited to meet such needs.

Homes in Oklahoma City
21 Places With the Most Sellers Slashing Home Prices in 2024

on February 15, 2024

Sellers are bowing to reality and cutting their asking prices in these big markets.

Two people wearing masks because of poor air quality.
10 Counties Where Air Quality Is Expected to Get Even Worse

on February 15, 2024

In coming decades, these places are expected to see worsening air quality, which could be bad news for local home values.

10 Financial Bucket List Items to Check Off Before 60
10 Financial Bucket List Items to Check Off Before 60

on February 15, 2024

Secure your financial future before the big 6-0 hits!

Costco store
7 Kirkland Signature Items to Avoid at Costco

and on February 15, 2024

Even if it seems you save a bundle buying Costco’s house-brand products, they are not always a bargain.

Homes in suburb of Atlanta, Georgia
5 Places Most Likely to See Home Prices Plunge in 2024

on February 15, 2024

These cities face more than a 70% probability of seeing price declines in the next 12 months, according to a new report.

Woman shocked by what she finds in old chest
10 Inherited Items Worth More Than You Think

on February 15, 2024

If you’re a recent heir, take a breath — and take stock. These items are worth more than you think.

Stressed woman sitting on the couch holding her head in her hands feeling overwhelmed by financial paperwork or bills with a calculator and a laptop
5 Ways the IRS Can Fine You

on February 14, 2024

How could you end up owing the IRS a penalty? There are more reasons than you might realize.

Pink Porsche Cayenne
10 New Cars With the Steepest Price Markups in 2024

and on February 14, 2024

MSRP doesn’t mean much when it comes to buying these vehicles. Dealers are listing them with much higher prices.

Happy woman celebrating her new car and hanging out the window with her arms wide excitedly
The 18 Most Dependable Cars in 2024, According to Their Owners

on February 14, 2024

J.D. Power surveyed more than 30,000 drivers about the reliability of their vehicles.

Two women from Generation Z moving
10 States Generation Z Is Moving To

on February 14, 2024

Discover why Gen Z is flocking to these states to build their dreams.

upset senior citizen
4 Pitfalls for New Medicare Enrollees

and on February 14, 2024

Medicare’s rules are exacting, and penalties can be stiff and sometimes permanent.

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