Woman using a laptop on her sofa
9 of the Best Freebies Available Online

on January 31, 2023

The internet can save you untold amounts of cash if you know where to look.

Couple watching TV
How to Cancel 15 Popular Free Trial Offers

on January 31, 2023

Some companies make it hard to figure out how to cancel a free trial. Here’s how to make sure you don’t get charged.

Woman eating frozen yogurt
12 Things That Are Free in February

on January 30, 2023

If your heart is set on grabbing a great bargain, you’ll fall for these freebies in February.

Older woman with doctor looking at phone
14 Things That Are Free With Medicare

and on January 25, 2023

These services could save you money and help prevent costly health problems.

Man running with water and looking at smart watch
7 Free Apps for Better Health in 2023

on January 20, 2023

These free fitness apps will help you get in better shape in as little as 7 minutes a day.

Woman using a laptop on an airplane flight
5 Ways to Get Free Wi-Fi on Flights

on January 16, 2023

Keep surfing the web next time you’re flying the skies.

senior couple on exercise bikes at gym
13 Things Retirees Can Get for Free — or Almost Free

on January 11, 2023

There are many ways to get cheap or free services and goods after reaching a certain age.

Woman using her laptop on an airplane
4 Airlines That Offer Free Wi-Fi — or Soon Will

on January 6, 2023

These carriers let you surf the web as you fly through the sky.

Woman eating pizza
12 Things You Can Get for Free in January

on January 3, 2023

It’s time to embrace the new year— and several new freebies.

Pharmacist showing woman how to find medication at the pharmacy
8 Things You Can Get for Free at Pharmacies

on December 23, 2022

In this age of higher-priced drugs and complex health care systems, a trip to the pharmacy can spark worry. Freebies sure do help.

Couple with popcorn at the movie theater
5 Movie Theaters With Gift Card Deals for the Holidays

on December 19, 2022

Give friends and family a theater experience, and you can get a little something for yourself as well.

Glacier National Park
National Parks to Offer 5 Days of Free Admission in 2023

on December 17, 2022

Each year, the Park Service waives entrance fees on special days. Here is the new schedule.

Woman holding up at-home COVID-19 test result
Here’s How to Get Another Round of Free COVID-19 Tests

on December 15, 2022

If you want free tests, it’s probably best to act quickly.

Woman applying cosmetics
Spend $25 on Olay Products and Get a Free $25 Gift Card

on December 13, 2022

If you use Olay products, this deal is for you.

Outback Steakhouse
28 Restaurants Offering Gift Card Freebies in December

on December 12, 2022

These restaurants are offering bonus cards and coupons when you purchase gift cards.

Target store
12 Retailers That Give You Rewards on Every Purchase

on December 10, 2022

Join these free loyalty programs, and you will get big rewards back on your purchases.

Woman placing food in the pantry
5 Ways to Fill Your Pantry With Free Food

on December 2, 2022

Anyone can take advantage of these resources.

Amazon gift card in front of keyboard
8 Ways to Get Amazon Gift Cards for Free

on December 1, 2022

Yes, you can get Amazon gift cards without paying a dime for them.

Woman drinking coffee on a cold day.
8 Things That Are Free in December

on November 30, 2022

Here is your last chance to take advantage of freebies this year.

Costco tire center
8 Things Costco Members Can Get for Free

on November 22, 2022

Your Costco membership comes with a variety of free services and perks that can save you money.

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