Hand holding an Amazon envelope or package while pet cat looks up
9 Things That Really Are Free on Amazon

on December 7, 2023

These freebies are available to both Prime members and nonmembers.

Pharmacist with a patient
9 Things That Are Free in December

on December 7, 2023

Here is your last chance to take advantage of freebies this year.

Woman hypnotized by watching her TV
19 Streaming Services With Free Trials

on December 6, 2023

Before you commit to a streaming service, it’s wise to take it for a test drive.

Older woman with doctor looking at phone
14 Things That Are Free With Medicare

and on December 6, 2023

These services could save you money and help prevent costly health problems.

Businessman setting down his car keys as he looks at his laptop and drinks a coffee
3 Places To Get a Free Vehicle History Report

on December 5, 2023

There’s little reason to pay for this information — unless you suddenly need to check an entire car fleet.

IHOP restaurant
25 Restaurants Offering Gift Card Freebies in December

on December 4, 2023

These restaurants are offering bonus cards and coupons when you purchase gift cards.

Couple with holiday gift
33 Ways to Save Money and Time During the Holidays

on December 2, 2023

Use these tips to make the holidays more festive and enjoyable without big spending.

Young woman learning on her laptop
9 Free or Cheap Ways To Learn a New Language

on December 1, 2023

Expand your linguistic horizons — and do it on a budget — with these resources.

Family surprised by TV
12 Free or Cheap Options for Cable

on November 30, 2023

Discover how you can keep the channels you love and cut out the costly TV bills.

Packages delivered to a front door
7 Ways to Land Free Shipping for Online Purchases

on November 29, 2023

Pesky shipping fees remain a major drawback to shopping online — but you can easily avoid them.

Happy older woman smiling with reusable shopping bag holding a gift card or credit card
12 Ways You Can Get Gift Cards for Free

on November 28, 2023

Get yourself some extra buying power.

Mom and daughter baking during the holidays
29 Free Things To Do During the Holidays

and on November 28, 2023

Find holiday cheer with these festive activities that won’t cost you a thing.

Excited woman
38 Retailers That Offer Free Shipping — With No Minimum Purchase

on November 27, 2023

There are no strings attached to these companies’ free-shipping policies, especially if you live in the continental U.S.

Woman holding up at-home COVID-19 test result
You Can Now Get Another Round of Free COVID-19 Tests

on November 20, 2023

Each household can receive four more at-home tests, which will be delivered by U.S. mail.

Driver checking tire pressure
11 Places To Find Free Air for Your Tires

on November 20, 2023

You have plenty of options to keep your tires properly inflated without dropping a dime.

Student giving thumbs up
27 Things You Should Never Pay For — and How To Get Them for Free

on November 20, 2023

When you know the tricks, you can save big on all kinds of useful things that others pay for.

Skier on the slopes
11 Ways to Get Free or Cheap Ski Lift Tickets

on November 18, 2023

Discover these tips on how to hit the slopes and save big money.

Military family
These Military Appreciation Discounts Are Available All Year

on November 16, 2023

These businesses offer discounts and deals to military members and vets year-round.

Smiling woman at the pharmacy getting prescription filled and receiving medicine from the pharmacist
3 Pharmacy Chains That Offer Free Medications

on November 11, 2023

Yes, you can get certain medications for $0.

Woman with an e-reader
10 Things That Are Free in November

on November 1, 2023

We’ve gathered a bounty of deals to be thankful for this month.

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