Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: Things you don't realize are holding you back, why your budget isn't working, jobs you won't lose to a robot, how not to steal from yourself and how long it takes to improve your credit.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. How Long Does It Really Take to Improve Your Credit?

[Credit.com] “The mistakes you’ve made, or the financial troubles you’ve experienced, may be terribly painful right now. They may feel all-consuming. You may be frustrated, angry or just plain worn out. And you may feel like you’ll never have good credit again.

This article explains how long bad marks remain on your credit history, which in most instances is seven years. But the news isn’t all bad, because you’ll also learn that the older the issue, the less it matters. When you’re done with this one, check out Ask Stacy: What’s the Fastest Way to Rebuild My Credit?

2. Are You Stealing Your Own Money?

[The Dollar Stretcher] “… every successful robbery requires two parties, the thief and a victim. By ignoring obvious methods of saving money, anyone can assume both roles and begin stealing from themselves.”

The idea behind this post is that when we waste money, we’re actually stealing from ourselves. This author gives several examples and solutions, from wasting electricity to not properly maintaining your car.

3. Want Career Stability? 7 Jobs You’ll Probably Never Lose to a Robot

[The Penny Hoarder] “Worried about robots taking over jobs? Researchers analyzed hundreds of careers to see which workers are most likely to be replaced by a machine in the next 20 years, and which ones aren’t. Here are the seven safest careers — at least, for now.”

In addition to seven jobs not likely to be automated, this post also points to sources you can check to find your odds of maintaining your career. I was happy to discover the odds of an author/writer being replaced by a robot were less than 4 percent. Other safe jobs include legal services, management and education. See the article for more.

4. 5 Reasons Your Budget Isn’t Working

[Debt.com] “It’s important to make a budget that you can stick to, and then hold yourself accountable. Here are some of the top reasons why budgets fail and some ways to avoid them, thus protecting your financial present and your fiscal future.”

If you’ve ever tried to create and stick to a spending plan, you’ll relate to these budget busters. They include income taxes, unrealistic assumptions, misaligned goals, no wiggle room and no perseverance. If you’re not succeeding at your budget, this one is a must read, along with articles from us, like 6 Secrets to Easy Budgets.

5. 4 Things Most People Don’t Realize Are Holding Them Back

[Wise Bread] “The fact of the matter is that sometimes there are obstacles working against us that we’re simply unaware of. Rather than beat yourself up, it’s time to start looking at how various aspects of your life might be thwarting your goals.”

Your environment, your language, your smartphone and your sleep schedule: all things that could be keeping you from reaching your goals. How? Read the post and find out.

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