Senior couple under blue skies
Can Living in a Less-Polluted City Lower Your Dementia Risk?

on August 9, 2021

Three new studies reveal links between air pollution and your risk of developing dementia.

Senior couple at a computer
7 Social Security Spousal Benefit Rules Every Married Couple Should Know

on August 9, 2021

Social Security rules can be confusing. Here’s how you get what’s yours.

Group of happy seniors
9 Signs You Aren’t Yet Ready to Retire

on August 6, 2021

Age is not the best indication that it’s time to retire. Other signs are more subtle, and more reliable.

Mom and baby
2021’s Best Cities for New Moms

on August 5, 2021

Research based on dozens of metrics suggests these are the best cities to get a start at raising a child.

Older woman in a wide doorway of her home
8 Essential Home Features for Aging in Place

on August 5, 2021

A survey finds that buyers focused on accessibility want these features.

The Best Vacation Lake in Every State
The Best Vacation Lake in Every State

on August 4, 2021

If you are looking for a sojourn at a lake, be assured that every state in the union has wonderful choices.

Man reading a book
7 Hobbies That Help You Live Longer

on August 3, 2021

Research shows some hobbies can add years — or even decades — to your life.

Woman on crowded city street
Cities That Grew the Most Over the Past Decade

on August 3, 2021

These large cities are the fastest-growing in the U.S.

People reading magazines in the waiting room
9 Things the Coronavirus Is Making Obsolete

on August 2, 2021

Even if everyone got vaccinated tomorrow, it’s unlikely we would return to these ways of life.

Retired senior couple running on the beach with grandkids
8 of the Greatest Sources of Fulfillment for Retirees

on August 2, 2021

Retirees say these actions give them purpose and meaning in 2021.

Woman organizing her home
12 Smart Tricks to Organize Every Room of Your Home

on July 28, 2021

Get your household organized with these brilliant and inexpensive tricks.

Couple With Retirement Questions
What Is Considered Early Retirement Age?

on July 28, 2021

If you’re not sure how retirement timing affects things like Social Security, Medicare, and your 401(k), check this out.

Frustrated woman
5 Tips to Opening Plastic Packaging Quickly and Safely

on July 27, 2021

Frustrated with hard plastic cases? Here’s how to open the toughest product packaging without ending up in the ER.

Shocked shopper looking at receipt
11 Ways to Keep Summer Veggies Fresh and Avoid Food Waste

on July 27, 2021

Make more out of your veggies with these preservation and recipe tips.

Senior in glasses looking at a picture frame
11 Ideas for Living on Social Security Alone

on July 27, 2021

It’s entirely possible to get by on mainly your Social Security benefits — but it does take some planning.

Man on a hammock
18 Cheap Summer Upgrades That Improve Your Home and Life

on July 27, 2021

These easy projects let you spruce up your home and enjoy it more this season.

20 Cities With the Most Million-Dollar Homes
20 Cities With the Most Million-Dollar Homes

on July 26, 2021

In some cities, more than half of the homes cost at least a million dollars.

Happy woman sleeping peacefully in bed in the morning
What Homeowners Do to Sleep at Night

on July 24, 2021

When the curve balls of homeownership strike, a home warranty has you covered.

Face mask required sign
Residents in These 5 States May Have to Wear Masks Again

on July 22, 2021

Yes, that means the vaccinated as well.

retirees senior couple in front of tiny home
The Surprising Age When Happiness Peaks

on July 19, 2021

Happiness can be found at any age, but a study says it usually peaks at two times — and one might surprise you!

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