Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: five situations you must prepare for and five you can ignore, why you can't afford to ignore inflation, six things worth splurging on, a 5-minute morning success ritual, and how having money might change you.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. How Does Money Change You?

[Dinks Finance] “We were out at dinner the other night with a couple of close friends. We were discussing stocks, as we often do with this particular group of friends. When we noted that we had surpassed the million-dollar mark, our friend commented how refreshing it is to see that we’ve done so well for ourselves and yet still keep it real.”

The vast majority of personal finance posts are about making more and spending less. This one’s about what can happen when you finally hit the target you’re aiming at. When you’ve succeeded and reached your financial goals, how will money change you? In the case of this couple, not much.

2. The 5-Minute Morning Success Ritual

[Dumb Little Man] “Most people wake up each morning tired, lethargic, stressed, and even uninspired. As you can probably imagine, this isn’t laying the best foundation for a productive and successful day.”

So what can you do for five minutes in the morning that will put you on a productive path? While not always easy, this author’s suggestions are simple. His ritual includes smiling, being grateful, drinking water, exercising and using affirmations. Check out the post for details.

3. 6 Ways I Embrace My Desire to Splurge

[Economag] “Recently, [another blogger] posted about financial ‘things’ she never regretted. This post got me thinking about my own trips down Lavish Spending Lane and the six financial decisions to splurge I never have, and likely never will, regret.”

We’ve done similar posts, like “10 Things Worth Paying More For,” but it’s always interesting to see what others think is money well spent.

At least one of the things she lists I agree with: travel. Some of the others — like shoes and blazers — not so much. Check out this article, then think about the purchases in your life you regret, as well as those you don’t.

4. Inflation Risk – Go Broke Slowly

[Feeling Financial] “You may wonder what all this talk of ‘rising prices’ is about. For a basic example, look at the price of milk. In 1960, a gallon of milk cost $0.49. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in 1995 the cost was $2.47, and the most recent price available is $3.43.”

When you read articles like our “Inflation Forecast 2014,” it’s easy to believe inflation — currently less than 2 percent — is nothing to worry about. But this article explains why you should not just worry about it, but protect yourself with investments.

5. 5 Emergency Situations You Must Prepare For (and 5 You Can Ignore)

[Wise Bread] “‘Prepping’ is a term that defines the process of getting ready for a catastrophic event. While the word used to have a negative connotation, reserved for folks who take preparation to an extreme, many more everyday people today are using a common-sense approach to mitigate damages from a variety of tragic events.”

Disasters to prepare for include weather, power outages, income loss, illness, and fire or flood. Those not so important? Check the post for the complete list, but I’ll give you one: “zombie apocalypse.”

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